Our production is oriented to customer satisfaction with the aim of making simple and immediate the approach to technological innovation, joining research, design and high specialization. Whether you are looking for an upgrade for your environment or you're designing a completely new one, bring your “television experience” to a whole new level.

The pioneering and innovative products are, in all situations, an integrated LED monitor behind mirrors or glass surfaces; an elegant and smooth look with a final result able to awaken all your senses.

The display system of VIDEOSOUND grew from the idea to hide the TV in an environment that hosts it, without adding a dissonant elements with the furniture, but with the intention to enhance it in an exclusive way.

Using the latest technologies and the best LCD screens, the thickness of the products allows to achieve an infinite variety of applications. Our creations are made in any size, designed to be suitable in any place as parts of furniture or furnishing.

Our facilities are elegant, exclusive and original when they are offered with a wide selection of high-quality frames, ancient and modern and by the work of craftsmen who follow the taste and preference of the consumer.